Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 23-Sep-2021 05:14:20 AM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017684/RC/57423 (Construction of CC Jeepable road at wadagre I) Approved
2 2105017524/WC/6472 (44 Construction of CC Checkdam at Wadagre-I (87.612m3)) Completed
3 2105017684/FR/1215 (65.Excavation of Dug out pond at Wadagre-I) Completed
4 2105017684/FR/1845 (428 Excavation of dug out pond at Wadagre I) Completed
5 2105017684/RC/15726 (235. Improvement of road from PWD road to Wadagre with boulder sausage at Wadagre. (1.58 km)) Completed
6 2105017684/RC/22997 (216Improvment of road from Nokma gittim to wada chiring with 1nos of culverts (1.1km)) Completed
7 2105017640/RC/45875 (371 Construction Of CC Jeepable road from PWD road to Gimbilgre at Wadagre I Length 280 00m) On Going
8 2105017684/DP/8456 (291 Arecanut Cultivation at Wadagre 2018 19) On Going
9 2105017684/LD/10623 (878 Improvement of Playground at Wadagre I Length 100 00m) On Going
10 2105017684/RC/26840 (178.Improvement of road from PWD road to Nokma gittim with Retaining wall at Wadagre-I(2.15km)(18-19) On Going
11 2105017684/RC/29774 (493 Improvement of road from Nakam banagitok to wadagre-I road. (1.3km)) On Going
12 2105017684/RC/36095 (619 Construction of CC Jeepable Road from PWD road to Gimbilgre gittim at Wadagre-I Length 400m) On Going
13 2105017684/RC/45322 (65 Construction of road from Gimbilgre to Abrengre at Wadagre I Length 1 20km) On Going
14 2105017684/WC/13564 (321 Construction of gully plug erosin control at wadagre I 2 5m ) On Going
15 2105017684/WC/15135 (458 Construction of Contour Trenches at Wadagre I 5hac) On Going
16 2105017684/WC/27854 (A Construction Of Spring Chamber At Songgital Gittim At Wadagre I 2021 2022) On Going
17 2105017684/WC/27855 (B Construction Of Spring Chamber At Sorokgre Gittim At Wadagre I 2021 2022) On Going

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