Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 18-Sep-2021 11:07:49 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017586/RC/61101 (Construction of CC Jeepable road at Samtangpara (300mtr)) Approved
2 2105017586/LD/4193 (242. Improvement of community ground at Santangpara) Completed
3 2105017586/RC/18000 (322 Improvement of road from Santangpara to Rongsepgre with 2nos of culverts at Santangpara (1.5Km)) Completed
4 2105017586/DP/21112 (Road side Mango Plantation at Santangpara with Techinical Support of Horticulture Department 2km ) On Going
5 2105017586/IF/24405 (161(a)Excavation of Dug out pond at Santangpara 1-No (J.C No-4594) (1372.560m3)) On Going
6 2105017586/IF/24406 (161(b)Excavation of Dug out pond at Samtangpara 1- No (J.C No-4636) (1372.560m3)) On Going
7 2105017586/IF/24407 (161-(C) Excavation of Dug out pond at Samtangpara 1-No (J.C No-4635) (1372.560m3)) On Going
8 2105017586/IF/37819 (344 A Construction of individual Piggery shed 1 unit at Santangpara) On Going
9 2105017586/IF/38620 (344 B Construction of Individual Piggery shed 1 Unit at Santangpara JC No.4630) On Going
10 2105017586/RC/23524 (308 Improvement of road at Samtangpara with Protection (1581.250m3)) On Going
11 2105017586/RC/31153 (53 Construction of road from Samtangpara to Ritekpara with retaining wall at Santangpara (1.1km)) On Going
12 2105017586/RC/32803 (329 Construction of CC road at Ritekpara 100m) On Going
13 2105017586/RC/34183 (548 Construciton of CC road at Santangpara 125.70m) On Going
14 2105017586/RC/46042 (734 Construction of CC Jeepable road at Santangpara 1000m) On Going
15 2105017586/WC/15576 (460 A Construction of Spring chamber at Santangpara 5.84m) On Going
16 2105017586/WC/15578 (460 B Construction of spring chamber at Santangpara 5.84m) On Going
17 2105017586/WC/16520 (566 Construction of CC spring chamber at Santangpara MGNREGA convergnece with Megha Lamp 3 m) On Going
18 2105017586/WC/16552 (269 Construction of Trenches in convergence with IBDLPas per PWD SOR for road and bridges2013-14 5h) On Going
19 2105017633/DP/13343 (212 Catchment area Protection activities model norms for Afforestation with Pine NOn Pine 6.7 hec) On Going
20 2105017643/RC/49881 (148 Improvement of road at Santangpara Waja Ading 1.5 m) On Going
21 2105017644/WC/18792 (138 Construction of contour Trenches as Per PWD SOR for Road and Bridge 1.50 m 10 Hactre) On Going

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