Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 18-Sep-2021 10:02:34 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017540/DP/21151 (1 Road side mango plantation at Rongkaigre with Technical support of horticulture department 2km ) Approved
2 2105017540/RC/61408 (Improvement ot road with 1nos of rcc culvert at Rongkaigre 5km 2021 2022) Approved
3 2105017540/FR/1186 (2. Excavation of Dug out Pond at Rongkaigre 3242.592m3) Completed
4 2105017540/RC/15380 (181.Construction of road from Apalgittim to New Songat via SSA U.P. School with culverth at Rongkaig) Completed
5 2105017540/RC/410 (210 Const of Road from Rongkaigre to Ponchapara with 1no of culvert at Rongkaigre) Completed
6 2105017540/WC/6475 (62 Construction of RCC water Tank at Rongkaigre 3 Nos (11.52m3)) Completed
7 2105017540/DP/8548 (290 Road side Mango Plantation 3 Km at Rongkaigre both side of the Road 6m) On Going
8 2105017540/RC/16114 (327. Construction of road from Maupa to Wadagre deep at Rongkaigre. ( On Going
9 2105017540/RC/25661 (485 Improvement of road from Asha gittim to Bollon Chiring via Wada chiring at Rongkaigre (1.8m)) On Going
10 2105017540/RC/30385 (535 Improvement f road from Chambugong gottim to Banangpara at Rongkaigre (1.8km)) On Going
11 2105017540/RC/30880 (99 Construction of road from PWD road to Rongkaigre with 1 Nos of Culverts (1.8m)18-19)) On Going
12 2105017540/RC/33890 (508 Construction of road from Rongdan road to Chambugong gittim with 1 Nos of Culverts 1.8 km) On Going
13 2105017540/RC/43308 (620 Construction of CC jeepable road at Rongkaigre 700 m) On Going
14 2105017540/RC/45791 (187 Improvement of road from Rongkaigre chamukong gittim to Bhoirakupi 1.5 km) On Going
15 2105017540/WC/17374 (621 Construction of CC checkdam at Rongkaigre 20.5m) On Going

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