Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 23-Sep-2021 01:23:17 AM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017583/LD/4104 (136. Improvement of L.P. School playground at Rapangrapanggre) Completed
2 2105017583/RC/18422 (320 Impt. of road from PWD road to Ajang gittim with 1nos of culverts at rapangpanggre (1.5Km)) Completed
3 2105017583/AV/3360 (293 Construction of RCC Anganwadi Centre in convergence with MGNREGA Zikzak Block at Rapangpanggre) On Going
4 2105017583/DP/16200 (261 Catchment area Protection activeties model norms for Aforestation with Pine/Nonpine 6.7 hec) On Going
5 2105017583/DP/20997 (Road side Mango plantation at Rapangpanggre with Technical support of Horticulture Department 2km) On Going
6 2105017583/DP/8501 (275 Road side Mango Plantation for 2 km both side of the road at Rapangpanggre 6m) On Going
7 2105017583/DW/1248 (403. Construction of RCC water tank at Rapangpanggre. (2.76mx3=8.28m)) On Going
8 2105017583/IF/24048 (55(a) Excavation of Dug out pond 1 Nos at Rapangpanggre (Job card No.5112) (1718.280m3)) On Going
9 2105017583/IF/24052 (55(b) Excavation of Dug out Pond 1 Nos at Rapangpanggre (Jc No. 5100) (1718.280m3)) On Going
10 2105017583/RC/33389 (520 Construction of road from MGNREGA road to Nengisingittim with 1 Nos of Culverts at Rapangpanggre) On Going
11 2105017583/RC/51359 (201 Improvement of road at Rapangpanggre 1.5 km) On Going
12 2105017583/WC/11388 (627 Construction of Community Ringwell 3 Nos at Rapangpanggre 25.95m) On Going
13 2105017583/WC/16680 (336 Construction of cc check Dam at Rapangpanggre 9 m) On Going
14 2105017583/WC/28355 (Construction of Spring Chamber at Rapangpanggre (A)) On Going
15 2105017583/WC/28356 (Construction of Spring Chamber at Rapangpanggre (B)) On Going
16 2105017583/WC/28357 (Construction of Spring Chamber at Rapangpanggre (C)) On Going
17 2105017583/WC/7465 (114 Construction of CC Checkdam at Rapangpanggre (7.00m)18-19)) On Going

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