Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 01:05:04 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017572/WC/23196 (409 Construction Of Contour Trenches 100 Per Hec As Per PWD SOR For Roads And Bridge 10Hac 2020 2021) Approved
2 2105017572/FP/2531 (189. Providing Bolder sausage including earth filling at Paglapara (1293.176 m3)) Completed
3 2105017572/FP/3761 (421.Construction of Kutcha dam at Nagrabaja Chiring Ronjing Songma Apal. At Paglapara. (39.85m)) Completed
4 2105017572/IC/1499 (304. Construction of pucca irrigation canal at Paglapara. (298m)) Completed
5 2105017572/RC/14437 (11. Improvement of road from PWD road to Paglapara via Lutubari.(2km)) Completed
6 2105017572/RC/25288 (373. Impt Of Road From Bolong Gitok Gittim To Teksra Gitok With 2Nos Of Culverts At Paglapara(1.5km)) Completed
7 2105017572/WC/6612 (194 Construction Of CC Check Dam At Paglapara. 65.670m3) Completed
8 2105017572/WC/8616 (533. Construction of kutcha bund 2 nos at Paglapara. (254.92m3)) Completed
9 2105017572/DP/20721 (Road side Jackfruit Plantation in convergence with Horticulture Department at Paglapara length 1km ) On Going
10 2105017572/DP/20724 (Road side mango plantation in Convergence with Horticulture Department at Paglapara 1km ) On Going
11 2105017572/DP/8431 (382 Road Side Mango Plantation For 2 Km Both Side Of The Road At Paglapara 2018 2019) On Going
12 2105017572/IC/2800 (31 Construction Of Kutcha Irrigation Canal At Paglapara Length 300 00M 2020 2021) On Going
13 2105017572/LD/7124 (161. Construction Of Protection Wall With Earth Filling At Paglapara (201.00m) 2018-2019) On Going
14 2105017572/LD/7349 (453 Construction Of Protection Wall At Paglapara 201.00M 2018 2019) On Going
15 2105017572/LD/8771 (595 Construction Of Retaining Wall With Earth Filling At Paglapara 22 20M 2018 2019) On Going
16 2105017572/LD/9328 (454 Construction Of Erosion Control Gabion Wall At Paglapara (Length 50 00M) 2019 2020) On Going
17 2105017572/RC/31492 (208 Construction Of CC Road At Paglapara (344.30m) 2018-2019) On Going
18 2105017572/RC/43330 (642 Construction Of CC Jeepable Road At Paglapara Length 500 00M 2019 2020) On Going
19 2105017572/RC/48432 (858 Construction Of Road From Megongre To Gimbilgre Gittim At Paglapara 1Km 2019 2020) On Going
20 2105017572/RC/52279 (240 Construction Of CC Jeepable Road At Paglapara Length 1Km 2020 2021) On Going
21 2105017572/WC/26393 (Construction Of CC Check Dam Paglapara 2021 2022) On Going

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