Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 04:27:35 AM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017694/LD/3924 (96. Improvement of community ground at Nayapara.) Completed
2 2105017694/LD/7058 (548. Improvement of Community ground with earth filling at primary Health centre at Nayapara.) Completed
3 2105017694/RC/24899 (382. Improvement of road from Nayapara SSA UP School to Surifullpara at Nayapara (0.8km)) Completed
4 2105017694/DP/8394 (311. Road side Arecanut Plantation for 4-Km both side of the road at Nayapara (Spacing :6m)) On Going
5 2105017694/FP/2559 (207(22)Const. of Multiple CC Reservoir including raising of Embankments at Kukurmua Pislakura) On Going
6 2105017694/IC/2300 (398 Construction of Pucca Irrigation canal length 400 00m) On Going
7 2105017694/LD/10408 (817 improvement of Community ground with protection wall at Nayapara length 180.00m) On Going
8 2105017694/LD/11519 (119 Improvement of Adhoc L.P School ground with Earth filling at Nayapara length 55.00m) On Going
9 2105017694/LD/11957 (307 Construction of erosion control retaining wall with earth filling at Nayapara length 100.00m) On Going
10 2105017694/LD/14051 (Construction of Erosion control Retaining wall at Baklai under Nayapara 2021 2022) On Going
11 2105017694/LD/7300 (414 Improvement of Community ground with Protection wall at Nayapara 45 00m) On Going
12 2105017694/LD/7446 (525. Improvement of Community ground with Protection wall at Nayapara Lenth 65.00m)) On Going
13 2105017694/RC/30863 (101. Construction of CC road at Nayapara (322.00m)) On Going
14 2105017694/RC/43634 (655 Improvement of road with protection Wall at Nayapara length 400.00m) On Going

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