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Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 03:35:07 AM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017685/FP/2597 (239.Providing boulder sausage including earth filling at Mandalgre. (30)) Completed
2 2105017685/LD/3882 (64. Improvement of Community ground at Mandalgre) Completed
3 2105017685/RC/23507 (310Improvement of road fromPWDroad to Anangpara Nanigittim via Anangpara Modingittim2nos cul(2.15km)) Completed
4 2105017685/WC/6471 (45 Construction of CC Checkdam at Mandalgre (63.774m3)) Completed
5 2105017573/RC/45452 (265 Construction of cc Jeepable road from songicham to Songma at Mandalgre Length 145m) On Going
6 2105017685/AV/959 (266 Construction of Anganwadi Centre upto Pinth Level at Mandalgre in Convergence with Zikzak(10.254) On Going
7 2105017685/LD/7415 (511 Construction of retaining wall with earth filling at Anganwadi Centre at Mandalgre(11.45m)(18-19) On Going
8 2105017685/LD/9897 (777 Constrution of Retainingwall with earth filling at Mandalgre LP School Length 25 00m) On Going
9 2105017685/RC/20788 (397 Imprt. of road from PWD road to Bandon gittim at Mandalgre 0.94Km) On Going
10 2105017685/RC/36088 (548 Construction of CC Jeepable Road from pwd road at Mandalgre350 00m) On Going
11 2105017685/RC/49811 (29 Improvement of road from Apalgre to Bondon gittim at mandalgre Length 1 2km ) On Going
12 2105017685/RC/57406 (Construction of CC Jeepable road at Mandalgre) On Going
13 2105017685/WC/13300 (322 Construction Of Gully Plug Erosion Control At Mandalgre (2.5) 2019 2020) On Going
14 2105017685/WC/14868 (463 Construction of Control Trenches1000 nos per hac 5hac at Mandalgre) On Going
15 2105017685/WC/27795 (Construction Of Community Spring Chamber At Mandalgre 2021-2022) On Going
16 2105017685/WC/7405 (63.Construction of Water Tank 6nos. at Mandalgre.(,228,247,250,251,262)(2mx6=12m)(2018-19)) On Going

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