Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 20-Sep-2021 01:55:30 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017632/LD/14525 (Construction of Retaining wall with earth filling at Kuligaon Koch community Land 41m 2021 2022) Approved
2 2105017632/IF/23022 (68 (a) Excavation of Dug Out Pond 1nos at Kuligaon Koch Jobcard No 9076) Completed
3 2105017632/IF/23023 (68(B) Excavation of Dug out pond at Kuligaon Koch 1nos Jobcard No 9157) Completed
4 2105017632/LD/5313 (420 Impt of community ground at Kuligaon Koch 4712.50m3) Completed
5 2105017632/RC/14945 (89 Improvement of road from Kuligaon ghat to soshan shali via Padorakona (1.45Km) Completed
6 2105017632/RC/16245 (108 Improvement of road from Kuligaon ghat to soshan Shali via Padokona (extension) at kuligaon Koch) Completed
7 2105017632/RC/22969 (224 Construction of Pucca side drain at both side of road from SSA Up school to Kuligaon koch(645m)) Completed
8 2105017632/DP/20853 (1 Road side Mango Plantation in convergence with Horticulture Department at Kuligaon Koch 2km ) On Going
9 2105017632/DP/8546 (420 Arecnut Plantation at Kuligaon Koch 33 Bigha) On Going
10 2105017632/IF/45474 (527 SBM Waste collection from village Kuligaon Rural Sanatation for Molesh Koch Jc No.9182) On Going
11 2105017632/LD/9452 (455 Construction of Erosion control Gabion wall at kuligaon Koch 41.2m) On Going
12 2105017632/LD/9765 (661 Construction of retaining wall at Kuligaon Koch 66.80m) On Going
13 2105017632/RC/31394 (542 Construction of Cc road at Kuligaon Koch 323.50 m) On Going
14 2105017632/RC/31396 (168 Construction of CC road at Kuligaon Koch 228.00m(18-19)) On Going
15 2105017632/RC/32609 (433 Construction of cc road at Katuligaon Koch village 201.80m) On Going
16 2105017632/RC/49226 (881 Improvement of road from Kuligaon Koch to Moshipara 2 Km) On Going
17 2105017632/WC/18915 (380 E Construction of Ringwell E at Kuligaon Koch Depth 13 m) On Going
18 2105017632/WC/22908 (380 A Constrution of Community Ringwell A at Kuligaon Koch Depth 13 m) On Going
19 2105017632/WC/22909 (380 B Construction of Ringwell B at Kuligaon Koch Depth 13 m) On Going
20 2105017632/WC/22910 (380 C Construction of Community Ringwell C at Kuligaon koch Depth 13 m) On Going
21 2105017632/WC/22911 (380 D Construction of Community Ringwell D at Kuligaon Koch Depth 13 m) On Going
22 2105017632/WC/22923 (381 F Construction of Ringwell F for Deepak Koch Jc 9173 at Kuligaon Koch Depth 13 m) On Going
23 2105017632/WC/22925 (382 G Construction of Ringwell G for Sunia Koch Jc 9190 at Kuligaon Koch Depth 13m) On Going
24 2105017632/WC/22926 (383 Construction of Ringwell H for Sorupa Koch Jc 9074 at Kuligaon Koch Depth 13 m) On Going

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