Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 20-Sep-2021 02:36:30 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017702/LD/6918 (491 Improvement of Childrend Playground at kazipara (2613.762m3)) Completed
2 2105017702/OP/1737 (392 Barkley compost at Kazipara 28 units) Completed
3 2105017702/RC/14621 (92 Improvement of road from Kalam rice mill to Noor gittim (0.335km)) Completed
4 2105017702/RC/24562 (389 Construction of village road from PWDroad to Ferdouse house with Protection wall at Kazipara 0.7) Completed
5 2105017702/WC/6521 (30 Excavation of dug out pond at Kazipara 2393.213m3) Completed
6 2105017605/LD/10141 (268 Improvement encluding earth filling at Kajipara market extension length 55m) On Going
7 2105017702/DP/8438 (314 Arecanut cultivation for 2 bigha at Kazipara ) On Going
8 2105017702/FP/2546 (207(8)Const. of Multiple Cc Reservoir including raising of Embankments at Kukurmua Pislakura) On Going
9 2105017702/IC/1934 (570 Construction of Pucca Irrigation canal at Kazipara 1.30) On Going
10 2105017702/LD/13795 (Construction Of Uneven Land Of Kazi Sajauddaulah By Earth Filling At Kazipara VEC 2020 2021) On Going
11 2105017702/LD/7277 (358 Improvement of MFC ground with Boundary wall at Kazipara (810.471m3) 2018-19) On Going
12 2105017702/LD/7402 (494 Improvement of community ground with Boundary wall at Kazipara 30m 2018-19) On Going
13 2105017702/LD/8580 (608 Improvement of community ground with protection wall at Kajipara 3938.053m3) On Going
14 2105017702/LD/9227 (319 Improvement of Land development with protection wall at Kajipara length 75m) On Going
15 2105017702/LD/9776 (766 Construction of community ground with boundary wall at Kajipara Length 45m) On Going
16 2105017702/RC/31005 (173 Construction of cc footpath at Kajipara (250m) 2018-19) On Going

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