Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 20-Sep-2021 02:47:51 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017517/DW/1196 (189 Construction of Community ringwell at Kalaigaon Mondolpara 5nos (19.498m3)) Completed
2 2105017517/WC/4537 (263 Construction of Kutcha bund at Kalaigaon Mondolpara 461.70m3) Completed
3 2105017517/DP/20754 (Road Side Mango Plantation In Convergence With Horticulture Department At Kalaigaon Mondolpara1 1Km) On Going
4 2105017517/LD/8568 (599 Construction of boundary brick wall at community ground at Kalaigaon Mondolpara 203.90m) On Going
5 2105017517/LD/9448 (501 construction of Erosion control gabion wall at Kalaigaon Mondolpara length 90m) On Going
6 2105017517/WC/10188 (894 A Const. of check dam reservoir including raising of embankment acros Rangga stream in convergen) On Going
7 2105017533/IC/2547 (236 Improvement of minor earthen canla at Kalaigon Mondolpara length 470.00m) On Going
8 2105017615/LD/10152 (352 Extention of community ground boundary wall including earth filling at Kalaigaon Mondolpara 97m) On Going

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