Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 04:59:43 AM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017699/LD/3853 (40 Improvement of Ananda Marg LP school ground (1201.897m3)) Completed
2 2105017699/LD/5406 (361. Extinsion of Ananda Margo L.P School Playground at Fakirpara) Completed
3 2105017699/LD/5840 (367 Construction of community ground with protection wall at Fakirpara near M/ganj Bazar(1036.144m3)) Completed
4 2105017699/LD/6541 (578 Extension of Boundary wall with Earth filling at Fakirpara Graveyard 104m) Completed
5 2105017699/LD/6920 (511 Improvement of Embankment at Pislakura bund (623.70m3)) Completed
6 2105017699/RC/22909 (202 Improvement of road from Fakirpara to Bimal gittim with Protection wall 0.37 Km) Completed
7 2105017699/RC/33069 (495 Construction of CC road from PWD road to Ababda Mark school at Fakirpara 157.50m 2018-19) Completed
8 2105017699/WC/6476 (74 Excavation of Community pond at Kumara Gati 2nos (2569.128)) Completed
9 2105017522/LD/10151 (335 Improvement of community ground with protection wall at Ramkrishna Fakirpara 150m) On Going
10 2105017699/FP/2552 (207(15)Const. of Multiple CC Reservoir including raising of Embankments of Kukurmua Pislakura) On Going
11 2105017699/IC/2289 (291 Construction of Pucca Irrigation canal at Fakirpara length 270) On Going
12 2105017699/IC/2365 (529 Construction of Pucca Irrigation cannal at Roghupara Fakirpara length 200m) On Going
13 2105017699/LD/11489 (78 Improvement Of Community Ground At Rama Krishna Fakirpara Length 40 0M 2020 2021) On Going
14 2105017699/LD/12225 (Construction of retaining wall with earth filling at Fakirpara) On Going
15 2105017699/RC/36174 (685 Construction of cc foothpath at Fakirpara length 500m) On Going
16 2105017699/WC/20636 (880 Construction of kutcha bund at Kamaghat Fakirpara length 100m) On Going

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