Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 20-Sep-2021 01:09:25 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017588/LD/9843 (732 Construction of Erosion Control Gabion wall at Durapara 35m) Approved
2 2105017588/FR/1246 (101.Excavation of Dug out Pond Durapara(12.284m3) ) Completed
3 2105017588/FR/1787 (401. Excavation of dug out pond 2nos at Batsing Marak and Sanre Marak gittim) Completed
4 2105017588/LD/5656 (212 Improvement of playground with retaining wall at Durapara (3726.00m3)) Completed
5 2105017588/RC/15643 (257. Improvement of road from Durapara to Sanjangpara via Olingdalgre with culvert at Durapara) Completed
6 2105017588/RC/25703 (457 Improvement of road from Durapara Deopagittim to Dingampara with 1Nos of Culverts at Durapara1.8) Completed
7 2105017588/DP/16201 (319 Catchment area protection activities model norms for Afforestation with Pine/Non-Pine 6.7 hec) On Going
8 2105017588/DP/21022 (Road side Mango plantation at Durapara with Technical support of Horticulture Department 2km) On Going
9 2105017588/LD/9841 (731 Construction of Erosion control Gabion wall at Durapara 60 m) On Going
10 2105017588/RC/26972 (44 Construction of CC footpath from Durapa Govt LP School to PMGSY road at Durapra (90.00m) 18-19)) On Going
11 2105017588/RC/32252 (218 Improvement of road from Olengdalgre via Rongripgittim with retaining wall and 1 Culvert 1.8km) On Going
12 2105017588/RC/33592 (521 Construction of CC Jeepable road at Durapara 444.00m) On Going
13 2105017588/RC/51284 (157 Improvement of road from Olengdal Gittim to Gopinathkilla 1.5m) On Going
14 2105017588/WC/14295 (308 Excavation of Dugout Pond at Durapara 20m) On Going
15 2105017588/WC/15574 (325 Construction of Trenches in convergence with IBDLP as per PWD SOR for road N Bridges2013-14 10h) On Going
16 2105017588/WC/28102 (Construction of Spring Chamber at Durapara (A)) On Going
17 2105017588/WC/28178 (Construction of Spring Chamber at Durapara (B)) On Going
18 2105017588/WC/28179 (Construction of Spring Chamber at Durapara (C)) On Going
19 2105017588/WC/28180 (Construction of Spring Chamber at Durapara (D)) On Going

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