Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 04:13:57 AM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017551/DP/4172 (146. Community Arecanut Plantation at Demdemakona (2Hec)) Completed
2 2105017551/FP/2438 (37. CONST. OF KUTCHA BOUND AT DEMDEMAKONA.) Completed
3 2105017551/FP/2577 (194. Providing Boulder sausage including earth filling at Demdemakona) Completed
4 2105017551/LD/5884 (388. Improvement of Community Ground with retaining wall at Demdemakona (1426.920m3)) Completed
5 2105017551/LD/6923 (483. Improvement of road from LP School to Noksikgre at Demdemakona (0.1km)) Completed
6 2105017551/RC/23029 (208. Construction of PWD road to Demdemakona New Gopram road with 2nos of Culverts. (1.1km)) Completed
7 2105017551/RC/42729 (525 Construction of CC Footpath at Demdemakona length 400 00m) Completed
8 2105017551/RC/46047 (808 Construction of Village link road with 1-nos of Culvert at Demdemakona 1.95km) Completed
9 2105017551/WC/12828 (219 Construction of Trenches in convergence with IBDLP 100nos Hac as per PWD SOR for road and Bridge) Completed
10 2105017551/WC/13500 (327 Construction of CC Check dam at Demdemakona (length 10.5)) Completed
11 2105017551/WC/18149 (764 Construction of RCC Water tank at Demdemakona MGNREGA in convergence with Megha LAMP length 4.00) Completed
12 2105017551/DP/20920 (Roadside Jackfruit plantation in convergence with Horticulture department at Demdemakona length 1Km) On Going
13 2105017551/DP/8396 (247. Arercanut Cultivation at Demdemakona (12bigha)) On Going
14 2105017551/LD/11676 (142 Construction of kutcha bund with side embankment both side at Demdemakona length 55.00) On Going
15 2105017551/LD/11983 (386 Construction Of Erosion Control Retaining Wall With Earth Filling At Demdemakona Length 43 50M ) On Going
16 2105017551/LD/14470 (Construction of retaining wall at LP school building at Demdemakona) On Going
17 2105017551/LD/7250 (333. Construction of retaining wall with earth filling at Demdemakona (29.80m)) On Going
18 2105017551/RC/27252 (26. Construction of CC Footpath at demdemakona (261.20) On Going
19 2105017551/RC/32902 (475. Construction of CC road at Demdemakona (111.50m)) On Going
20 2105017551/WC/23260 (406 Construction of RCC Spring Chamber at Demdemakona MLAMP in Convergence with MGNREGA length 2.50) On Going

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