Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 23-Sep-2021 05:04:44 AM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017516/LD/4592 (330 Const. of retaining wall with earth filling at SSA school campus at B/A Diglakona) Completed
2 2105017516/LD/4053 (144 Improvement of Community ground at Bollonggre A Diglakona (432.373m3)) On Going
3 2105017516/LD/8855 (566 Construction of retaining wall with earth filling at Diglakona 15.65m) On Going
4 2105017516/RC/24574 (335 Improvement of road from Diglakona to Balughat dip with 1nos of culverts at Bollonggre A Diglako) On Going
5 2105017516/RC/27274 (83 Construction CC Jeepable road at Bollonggre-A Diglakona (98.20m) 2018-19) On Going
6 2105017516/RC/46365 (807 Construction of cc Jeepable road at Diglakona length 300m) On Going
7 2105017516/WC/16338 (528 Construction of Spring chamber at Bollonggre A Diglakona length 4m) On Going

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