Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 23-Sep-2021 05:48:56 AM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017606/WC/28164 (A Construction Of Spring Chamber At Sengmi Gittim At Bollongre A 2021 2022) Approved
2 2105017606/WC/28165 (B Construction Of Spring Chamber At Roditson Gittim At Bollongre A 2021 2022) Approved
3 2105017606/FP/2598 (237 Providing boulder sausage including earth filling at Bollonggre A (1105.529)) Completed
4 2105017606/LD/5689 (247 Construction of retaining wall with earth filling at Bollonggre A (18.56m)) Completed
5 2105017606/RC/14746 (110.Construction of road from Bollonggre-A to Balughat) Completed
6 2105017606/WC/6485 (79 Contruction of Rcc water tank at Bollonggre A (12.5m)) Completed
7 2105017530/WC/18649 (27 Const. of contour trenches 100nos per Hg as per PWD SOR for road and bridge length 1.5m 10 h) On Going
8 2105017568/IF/47296 (346 SBM waste collectin from Bollonggre A Balen Marak Job card no 2278) On Going
9 2105017606/DP/20756 (Road Side Mango Plantation In Convergence With Horticulture Department At Bollonggre A 1.2 Km ) On Going
10 2105017606/RC/27273 (50 Construction of CC footpath at Bollonggre-A (222.20m) 2018-19) On Going
11 2105017606/RC/30467 (532 Improvement of raod from Bollonggre A to Balughat Tinnali (0.5Km)) On Going
12 2105017606/WC/12632 (206 Const. of Trenches in convergence with IBDLP (100nos/hc) as per PWD SOR for road and Bridge 4 hc) On Going
13 2105017606/WC/15727 (506 Construction of cc check dam at Bollonggre A length 9m) On Going
14 2105017606/WC/20855 (554 A Construction of cc Ringwell at Bollonggre A MGNREGA inconvergence with Megha LAMP 6.50m) On Going
15 2105017606/WC/20888 (902 Construction of Kutcha bund at Bollonggre A length 26.15m) On Going
16 2105017606/WC/23537 (407 Construction of RCC spring chamber at Bollonggre A MLAMP in convergence with MGNREGA 3 m) On Going

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