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Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 23-Sep-2021 02:01:50 AM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017672/DP/4096 (Community Arecanut at Bangdapara (2Hec)) Completed
2 2105017672/LD/3900 (70.Imp. of playground at Bangdapara) Completed
3 2105017672/LD/5766 (313 Improvement of Play ground with Protection wall at Bangdapara.(3562.65m3)) Completed
4 2105017672/RC/23103 (269Construction of road from bangdapara susan gittim to sindilgre dip with retaining wall (1.5km)) Completed
5 2105017672/WC/4575 (267(4)Const. of Water Harvesting structure at Salmanpara in Convergence with water resources) Completed
6 2105017672/WC/6547 (175 Construction of Rcc Water Tank at Bangdapara (4.00mx3=12.00m)) Completed
7 2105017609/LD/10144 (297 Construction Retaining wall with earth filling at Bangdapara Playground Length 38 00m) On Going
8 2105017672/AV/3123 (49 Construction of rcc Anganwadi Centre in Convergence with MGNREGA under Zikzak C&RD Block Length) On Going
9 2105017672/DP/11963 (280Catchement area protection activities model norms for Afforestation with pine non pine plant Dens) On Going
10 2105017672/DP/13161 (283 Catchement area protection activities model norms for Aforestation with pine non pine 6 7 hec ) On Going
11 2105017672/DP/20858 (1 Road side Jackfruit Plantation at Bandapara with Technical support of Horticulture department) On Going
12 2105017672/RC/26843 (97.Construction of CC Road from Bangdapara Nokma gittim to Bolchugitok (300.00m)(2018-19)) On Going
13 2105017672/RC/31539 (227.Construction of CC road from Dingnang gittim to Bolchugitok at Bangdapara.(327.00m)(2018-19)) On Going
14 2105017672/RC/32410 (411 Construction of CC Jeepable road from Asha gittim to wada gitok at Bangdapara 167.80m 2018 19) On Going
15 2105017672/WC/13188 (201Construction of Trenches in convergence with IBDLP 100nos hac as per pwd SOR for road and bridges) On Going
16 2105017672/WC/16105 (539 Construction of CC Check Dam at Bangdapara Length 15 00m) On Going
17 2105017672/WC/17354 (604 Construction of RCC Spring Chamber at Bangdapara MGNREGA in Convergence with Megha LAMPLength3 5) On Going
18 2105017672/WC/21197 (23 Construction of Dug out pond at Bangdapara Megha LAMP in convergence with MGNREGA Length 35m) On Going
19 2105017672/WC/22053 (174 Construction of contour trenches 100nos per hac as per pwd SOR for road and bridge at bangdapara) On Going
20 2105017672/WC/28757 (A Construction of spring Chamber at Bangdapara ) On Going
21 2105017672/WC/28758 (B Construction of spring chamber at Bangdapara) On Going
22 2105017672/WC/28759 (C Construciton of spring chamber at Bangdapara) On Going

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