Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 04:35:02 AM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105017658/DP/20837 (Road Side Mango Plantation In Convergence With Horticulture Department At Anchenggri Length 1Km) Approved
2 2105017658/DP/4130 (147 Community Arecanut plantation at Anchengre Simlakona 2) Completed
3 2105017658/LD/5699 (234. Improvement of school playground with protection wall at Anchenggre Simlakona (3139.29m3)) Completed
4 2105017658/RC/14455 (20.Const of road from Nokma gittim to Noonmati L.P. School. (1.12km).) Completed
5 2105017658/RC/15449 (216.Construction of road from Bingka to Snal gittim with culverth at Anchenggiri Simlakona. (1km)) Completed
6 2105017658/RC/20787 (419 Improvement of road from PWD road to Jada Akol at Anchenggre Simlakona 1Km) Completed
7 2105017658/RC/25174 (406.Impt of road from Rongkai stream to Digligre RSBY with 1-Nos of culverth at Anchenggre (1.12km)) Completed
8 2105017658/AV/3296 (284 Const Of RCC Anganwadi Centre In Convergence With MGNREGA Under Zikzak C&RD Block At Achenggre) On Going
9 2105017658/LD/11428 (79 Improvement Of Community Ground At Anchengre Simlakona Length 27M 2020 2021) On Going
10 2105017658/RC/30912 (37. Construction Of Road From Tamjin Gittim To Kanseng Gittim At Anchenggre Simlakona. (2018-2019)) On Going
11 2105017658/RC/31543 (221 Construction Of CC Road At Anchenggre Simlakona (248.10m) 2018-2019) On Going
12 2105017658/RC/45243 (267 Construction Of CC Road From PWD Road To Anchengre Simlakona Length 325 00M 2020 2021) On Going
13 2105017658/RC/60864 ( Improvement Of Road From Bongka River To Abagri Gittim With 4Nos Culverth At Anchenggre Simlakona ) On Going
14 2105017658/WC/12096 (212 Construction Of Trench In Convergence With IBDLP 100Nos Hac As Per PWD Sor For Road And Bridges ) On Going
15 2105017658/WC/17266 (606 Const Of RCC Spring Chamber At Anchengre Simlakona MGNREGA In Convergence With Megha Lamp 3 00) On Going
16 2105017658/WC/19503 (815 A Construction Of Community Water Tank At Anchenggre Simlakona length 4 00M 2019 2020) On Going
17 2105017658/WC/19504 (815 B Construction Of Community Water Tank At Anchenggre Simlakona length 4 00M 2019 2020) On Going
18 2105017658/WC/21384 (76 Construction Of RCC Spring Chamber At Anchengre Simlakona Megha LAMP In Covergence With MGNREGA) On Going
19 2105017658/WC/23258 (411Construction Of RCC Spring Chamber At Simlakona MLAMP In Convergence With NREGA Length 300M 20 21) On Going

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