Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 17-Sep-2021 11:49:43 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105019777/WC/29754 (Const of comm Water Tank at vill Rongekgre of L 2.7 B 2.7 H 3m convergence with comm contribution) Approved
2 2105019777/WC/29763 (Const of comm water tank at vill Rongekgre of L 2.7 B 2.7 H 3m Convergence with comm contributionn) Approved
3 2105019777/IC/1851 (Construction of Kutcha Canal at RONGGEKGRE (1983)) Completed
4 2105019777/LD/4302 (Land Reclamation of Paddy Field WEith Retaining Wall at RONGGEKGRE (786)) Completed
5 2105019777/LD/5545 (Extension of Land Reclamation of Paddy Field at RONGGEKGRE (1279)) Completed
6 2105019777/RC/14451 (Construction of Road from Ronggekgre to Babadam with 2 Nos. of RCC Culvert at RONGGEKGRE (75)) Completed
7 2105019777/RC/25105 (CC Jeepable Road from PMGSY Road to School Field at RONGGEKGRE (1647)) Completed
8 2105019777/RC/38152 (Construction of Kutcha Road from Ronggekgre to Wadajura at RONGGEKGRE 1006) Completed
9 2105019777/DP/13508 (Arecanut Plantation at village Ronggekgre of 123 bighas) On Going
10 2105019777/RC/36320 (Construction of CC Jeepable road at village Ronggekgre of 200 m) On Going
11 2105019777/RC/46462 (Construction of CC Jeepable Road of 180 m at village Ronggekgre) On Going
12 2105019777/RC/46463 (Construction of CC Jeepable Road of 200 m at village Ronggekgre) On Going

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