Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 04:03:46 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105020509/IF/33899 (Piggery shed at Okkapara Songma job2796) Approved
2 2105020509/IF/30742 (Piggery shed at Okkapara Songma Job2766) Completed
3 2105020509/IF/30744 (Piggery shed at Okkapara Songma Job2821) Completed
4 2105020509/IF/30748 (Piggery shed at Okkapara Songma job2815) Completed
5 2105020509/IF/30750 (Piggery shed at Okkapara Songma job2757) Completed
6 2105020509/IF/30753 (Piggery shed at Okkapara Songma job2811) Completed
7 2105020509/RC/14680 (Construction of Metalling Road with culvert at Okkapara) Completed
8 2105020509/RC/16621 (Const. of CC road with culverts at Okkapara Songma) Completed
9 2105020509/RC/20356 (Extension oc CC road at Okkapara Songma) Completed
10 2105020509/RC/26837 (Construction of Inter locking Road at Okkapara Songma) Completed
11 2105020509/RS/4368 (IHHL at Okkapara Songma job 2816) Completed
12 2105020509/RS/4370 (IHHL at Okkapara songma job 2812) Completed
13 2105020509/RS/4371 (IHHL at Okkapara songma job 2813) Completed
14 2105020509/RS/4372 (IHHL at okkapara songma job 2774) Completed
15 2105020509/RS/4373 (IHHL at Okkapara songma job 2775) Completed
16 2105020509/RS/4374 (IHHL at Okkapara songma job 2763) Completed
17 2105020509/RS/4375 (IHHL at Okkapara songma job 2804) Completed
18 2105020509/RS/4376 (IHHL at Okkapara Songma job 2799) Completed
19 2105020509/RS/4377 (IHHL at Okkapara songma job 2792) Completed
20 2105020509/RS/4378 (IHHL at Okkapara songma job 2806) Completed
21 2105020509/RS/4517 (IHHL at Okkapara Songma job 2793) Completed
22 2105020509/WC/2087 (Const. of Ringwell of 23.84 cum 4 nos at Rongkhon Songgitcham) Completed
23 2105020509/WC/3422 (Const. of Ringwell 4 nos of 13.65 cum at Agasigre) Completed
24 2105020509/AV/3289 (Construction of Rest House at village Okkapara Songma) On Going
25 2105020509/FP/10354 (Construction of Retaining Wall at village Okkapara Songma of 25 metre) On Going
26 2105020509/WC/11161 (Construction of 1 nos of Ringwell at village Okkapara Songma) On Going
27 2105020509/WC/13625 (Construction of 1 nos of Ringwell at village Okkapara Songma) On Going
28 2105020509/WC/16584 (Construction of Community Water Tank at village Okkapara Songma) On Going
29 2105020509/WC/28563 (Construction of Rcc Water Tank at village Okkapara Songma in convergence with Community Contribution) On Going
30 2105020509/WC/7958 (Construction of RCC Ringwell at village Okkpara Songma 1 no) On Going

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