Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 05:05:38 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105019609/LD/4646 (Earth filling side drain with retaining wall at Nokatgre/916) Completed
2 2105019609/RC/14398 (Construction of Road from Mukdangra to Smok Songgital with 1 No. RCC Culvert at NOKATGRE -I (76)) Completed
3 2105019785/FR/2420 (Dugout Fishery Pond at NOKATGRE-I (1984)) Completed
4 2105019785/IF/30375 (Cattle Shed 7 nos. at NOKATGRE-I (1630)) Completed
5 2105019785/IF/30381 (Piggery Shed 3 nos at NOKATGRE-I (1631)) Completed
6 2105019785/RC/15915 (Construction of CC Jeepable from Ronggekgre to L.P School at NOKATGRE (497)) Completed
7 2105019785/RC/24864 (CC Jeepable rd from Nokatgre to Nokatgre L.P School at NOKATGRE-I (1629)) Completed
8 2105019785/DP/16277 (Nutri Garden under Poshan Maah in convergence with ICDS Agri and Horti Dept village Nokatgre 500 m) On Going
9 2105019785/DP/20716 (Arecanut Plantation at village Nokatgre of 10 bigha Community Contribution) On Going
10 2105019785/FP/12303 (Construction of Retaining Wall at village Nokatgre of 20m convergence with Community Contribution) On Going
11 2105019785/FP/7307 (Construction of Retaining Wall of 48m) On Going
12 2105019785/FP/7857 (Construction of Retaining Wall of 30m at village Nokatgre) On Going
13 2105019785/FP/8865 (Extension of Retaining Wall at village Nokatgre of 40 Metre) On Going
14 2105019785/IF/43458 (Mushroom Cultivation at Nokatgre Village of 15Hh) On Going
15 2105019785/IF/56454 (Arecanut Plantation at village Nokatgre of 9 bighas) On Going
16 2105019785/RC/51295 (Construction of Rcc Slab Culvert Cum Cc Drain of 15 metre at village Nokatgre) On Going
17 2105019785/RC/52066 (Extension of Cc Jeepable Road from L.P. School to Dalupara at village Nokatgre of 190 Metre) On Going
18 2105019785/WC/20141 (Construction of RCC Ringwell at village Nokatgre) On Going

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