Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 18-Sep-2021 02:02:35 AM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105020578/FR/1251 (Construction of Fishery pond at Matalagre) Completed
2 2105020578/RC/18437 (Const. of C.C. Road with 2 nos. of culvert at Matalagre) Completed
3 2105020578/RC/24508 (Construction of cc road at Matalagre) Completed
4 2105020578/RS/1946 (IHHL at matalagre job 5002) Completed
5 2105020578/RS/1947 (IHHL at matalagre job 5194) Completed
6 2105020578/RS/1948 (IHHL at matalagre job 5009) Completed
7 2105020578/RS/1949 (IHHL at matalagre job 5023) Completed
8 2105020578/RS/1950 (IHHL at matalagre job 5021) Completed
9 2105020578/RS/1951 (IHHL at matalagre job 5151) Completed
10 2105020578/RS/1952 (IHHL at matalagre job 5154) Completed
11 2105020578/RS/1953 (IHHL at matalagre job 5145) Completed
12 2105020578/RS/1954 (IHHL at matalagre job 5160) Completed
13 2105020578/RS/1955 (IHHL at matalagre job 4997) Completed
14 2105020578/WH/1957 (Construction of Spring tap Chamber 2nos at Matalagre) Completed
15 2105020578/RC/28263 (Construction of Rcc Slab Culvert of L=1.80m, B=4.4 5m at Matalagre) On Going
16 2105020578/RC/33433 (Extension of CC Jeepable road of 165m at village Matalagre) On Going
17 2105020578/RC/50636 (Construction of CC Jeepable Road at village Matalagre of 270 metre) On Going
18 2105020578/RC/51978 (Construction of Cc Jeepable Road at village Matalagre of 140 Metre) On Going
19 2105020578/WC/14252 (Construction of Water Tank at village Matalagre) On Going
20 2105020578/WC/16595 (Construction of Community Water Tank at village Matalagre) On Going
21 2105020578/WC/28566 (Construction of Rcc Water Tank at village Matalagre in convergence with Community Contribution) On Going

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