Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 18-Sep-2021 01:56:08 AM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105020556/WC/29129 (Construction of Spring Chamber at Samson Sangma bagan) Approved
2 2105020556/RC/15108 (Metalling Road from Daronggre to Dosagre at Daronggre) Completed
3 2105020556/RC/18633 (Const. of Retaining Wall at Daronggre) Completed
4 2105020556/RC/23751 (Construction of CC road from L.P School to Daronggre Songma gittim at Daronggre) Completed
5 2105020556/RC/29478 (Extension of CC Road at Daronggre) Completed
6 2105020556/RC/36347 (Const of CC Jeepable Road of 210m ) On Going
7 2105020556/RC/39640 (Construction of CC Jeepable Road at village Daronggre of 280 m) On Going
8 2105020556/RC/46581 (Construction of village link road at Suri Bagan under village Daronggre of 900 m.) On Going
9 2105020556/RC/58205 (Construction of village Link Road at Gopram under village Daronggre of 950 m.) On Going
10 2105020556/WC/15007 (const of 1 nos spring chamber at village Daronggre) On Going
11 2105020556/WC/15447 (const of 1 nos spring chamber at Daronggre Gilja Nok) On Going
12 2105020556/WC/29126 (Construction of Spring Chamber at Wenith Sangma area) On Going
13 2105020556/WC/29127 (Construction of Spring Chamber at Amgin Sangma bagan area) On Going
14 2105020556/WC/29128 (Construction of Spring Chamber at Kewing Marak bagan area) On Going

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