Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 05:37:17 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105020559/IF/33725 (IHHL at Allabagre III job5089) Approved
2 2105020559/RC/18012 (Const. of CC Road with 2 nos culverts at Allabagre-III) Completed
3 2105020559/RC/23534 (CONST. OF CC ROAD WITH 1 NO CULVERT AT ALLABAGRE-III) Completed
4 2105020559/RS/4693 (IHHL at Allabagre III job 5093) Completed
5 2105020559/RS/4694 (IHHL at Allabagre III job 5107) Completed
6 2105020559/RS/4695 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job 5108) Completed
7 2105020559/RS/4696 (IHHL at Allabagre III job 5110) Completed
8 2105020559/RS/4697 (IHHL at AllabagreIII job 5111) Completed
9 2105020559/RS/4698 (IHHL at Allabagre III job 5112) Completed
10 2105020559/RS/4699 (IHHL at Allabagre III job 5113) Completed
11 2105020559/RS/4700 (IHHL at AllabagreIII job 5114) Completed
12 2105020559/RS/4701 (IHHL at Allabagre III job 5115) Completed
13 2105020559/RS/4721 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5116) Completed
14 2105020559/RS/4722 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5117) Completed
15 2105020559/RS/4723 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5118) Completed
16 2105020559/RS/4724 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5119) Completed
17 2105020559/RS/4725 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5120) Completed
18 2105020559/RS/4726 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5121) Completed
19 2105020559/RS/4727 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5123) Completed
20 2105020559/RS/4728 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5124) Completed
21 2105020559/RS/4729 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5125) Completed
22 2105020559/RS/4730 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5126) Completed
23 2105020559/RS/4731 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5128) Completed
24 2105020559/RS/4732 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5129) Completed
25 2105020559/RS/4733 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5130) Completed
26 2105020559/RS/4734 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5133) Completed
27 2105020559/RS/4735 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job 5134) Completed
28 2105020559/RS/4736 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5137) Completed
29 2105020559/RS/4737 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5159) Completed
30 2105020559/RS/4738 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5160) Completed
31 2105020559/RS/4739 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5161) Completed
32 2105020559/RS/4740 (IHHL at Allabagre III Job5163) Completed
33 2105020559/RS/4741 (IHHL at Allabagare III Job5165) Completed
34 2105020559/AV/3453 (Const. of Pre Fabricated Building at vill. Allabagre 3 in Convergence with Social Welfare Department) On Going
35 2105020559/RC/44413 (Construction of Village Link Road at village Allabagre III of 900 Metre) On Going
36 2105020559/WC/13904 (Construction of RCC Water Reservoir Tank at village Allabagre III) On Going
37 2105020559/WC/26608 (Const. of RCC Ringwell with Roof Gatjeng Bagan at vill. Allabagre 3 Converg. with Comm. Contribution) On Going
38 2105020559/WC/26839 (Const. of RCC Ringwell at Gatjengni Apal under Vill. Allabagre 3 Convergence with Comm. Contribution) On Going
39 2105020559/WC/28998 (Const. of Water Tank at Manjeng Noksam convergence with Comm. Contribution.) On Going
40 2105020559/WC/29001 (Const. of Water Tank at Walme Bagan Convergence with Comm. Contribution.) On Going

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