Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 04:08:55 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105016633/FP/12784 (Extension of retaining wall at village Rangapani near RC Church.) Approved
2 2105016633/IF/44615 (Construction of pggery shed 3 nos at village Rangapani ) Approved
3 2105016633/DP/4216 (1st year arecanut plantation at village Rangapani of 5.5 hac.) Completed
4 2105016633/DP/8519 (One tree one citizen at village Rangapani) Completed
5 2105016633/DW/1587 (CONST OF SPRING CHAMBER AT RANGAPANI OF 1834.36 CUM) Completed
6 2105016633/RC/16420 (Const. of CC Jeepable road at village Rangapani of 200 m.) Completed
7 2105016633/RC/31175 (Const. of interlocking paver for cc foothpath at village Rangapani of 122 m ) Completed
8 2105016633/RS/2916 (CONST. OF IHHL AT VILLAGE RANGAPANI OF 52 Nos.) Completed
9 2105016633/WC/9456 (Const. of spring Chamber of 1 no. at village Ragapani ) Completed
10 2105016633/DP/21006 (Roadside plantation at Rangapani village of 2KM) On Going
11 2105016633/FP/11427 (Const of retaining wall near Church ) On Going
12 2105016633/FR/3721 (Const. of dug out pond at Rangapani for Wellen Sangma under MGNREGA) On Going
13 2105016633/IF/44616 (Construction of piggery shed 1 nos at village Rangapani for sanjib Sangma job card no, 30) On Going
14 2105016633/IF/44907 (Const of Cattle shed 3 nos at village Rangapani) On Going
15 2105016633/LD/10804 (Land development at village Rangapani of 0.216 cum) On Going
16 2105016633/WC/12731 (Const of spring chamber at village Rangapani songma of 1 nos) On Going
17 2105016633/WC/15651 (Const. of spring chamber near SSA LP School of village Rangapani) On Going
18 2105016633/WC/23309 (Construction of spring chamber at village Rangapani Goragri gittim) On Going
19 2105016633/WC/27668 (Const of spring chamber at village Rangapani Ading Gittim) On Going
20 2105016633/WC/27669 (Const. of spring chamber at village Rangpani at Kama gittim) On Going

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