Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 04:54:16 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105016575/DP/21107 (Roadside plantation at Damdama village of 2KM) Approved
2 2105016575/DP/4370 (1st Year Arecanut plantation at village Damdama of 3.2 hac) Completed
3 2105016575/DP/7917 (1st Year Arecanut Plantation at village Damdama of 2.8 hac) Completed
4 2105016575/FP/6273 (Const. of 4.00 m Height Retaining wall at village Damdama) Completed
5 2105016575/LD/5207 (Land development at village Damdama of 0.10 hac) Completed
6 2105016575/LD/5428 (Feild improvement at village Damdama of 0.12 hac ) Completed
7 2105016575/LD/5901 (Land Development for Mr Promilla koch of 730 sq m) Completed
8 2105016575/LD/5965 (LAND DEVELOPMENT AT VILLAGE DAMDAMA OF 0.12 HAC) Completed
9 2105016575/FP/10553 (Construction of Breast Wall at village Damdama near LP School) On Going
10 2105016575/FP/10972 (Construction of Side drain in Damdama village) On Going
11 2105016575/FR/3824 (Const of Dug out pond at village Damdama near main road for Rohit Koch) On Going
12 2105016575/IC/3447 (Widening and Improvement of Earthen Canal at village Damdama in Jogai Than Jora) On Going
13 2105016575/IF/47387 (Individual Kitchen Garden) On Going
14 2105016575/LD/10619 (Community land development at village Damdama of 0.216 hac) On Going
15 2105016575/WC/12297 (Construction of Spring Chamber at village Damdama Taokona gittim) On Going
16 2105016575/WC/15765 (Const of Spring Chamber at Katchra Anggai of Damdama village) On Going

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