Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 05:20:22 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105016675/IF/37402 (Barkley compost 2 nos at village Chipra Kama for job card no. MG-05-016-550-501/12 and 15.) Approved
3 2105016675/DP/7873 (1st Year Arecanut Plantation at Village Chiprakama of 4.5 hac) Completed
4 2105016675/RC/16107 (Const. of CC jeepable road at village Chiprakama of 150 m) Completed
5 2105016675/RC/20757 (Const. of village link road from Sengpil Gittim to Apal Gittim of 1 km.) Completed
6 2105016675/RC/24129 (const. of CC footstep at village Chiprakama of 150 m) Completed
7 2105016675/RC/28658 (Const. of CC Jeepable road from Chipra Kama field to Dingsin Gittim of 130 m.) Completed
8 2105016675/WC/10900 (Const of Ringwell at village Chiprakama Jobin Gittim of 1 nos) Completed
9 2105016675/WC/11931 (Construction of Ringwell at village Chiprakama Chongri Gittim of 1 nos) Completed
10 2105016675/AV/3372 (Const. of Piggery Shed at Chiprakama for Tangkam SHG) On Going
11 2105016675/DP/20855 (Community Orange & Mango Plantation at village Chipra Kama of 9 bigha) On Going
12 2105016675/FP/10680 (Const. of RCC Toe wall for playground at Chiprakama) On Going
13 2105016675/IC/2829 (Const. of CC Canal at Chiprakama from Herden Apal to Dingsin Apal village of 260m) On Going
14 2105016675/IF/38309 (Construction of Piggery shed 4 nos) On Going
15 2105016675/IF/47144 (Individual Kitchen Garden) On Going
16 2105016675/RC/38373 (Const of CC Jeepable road at Chiprakama of 150 m) On Going
17 2105016675/RC/54705 (Construction of village link road at Chipra Kama village) On Going
18 2105016675/RC/60548 (Construction of RCC culvert at Chiprakama village) On Going
19 2105016675/WC/15223 (Const of CC Check Dam at Gospel Gittim of Chiprakama of village of 12 m span) On Going

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