Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 19-Sep-2021 05:01:39 PM 
DPR Frozen Status Report

S.No Work Name(Work Code) Work Status
1 2105016554/WC/16294 (Const of Spring Chamber at village Bokmagre near Gandi gittim) Approved
2 2105016554/DP/5679 (1st year Arecanut plantation at village Borkona of 9.7 hac) Completed
3 2105016554/DW/1311 (const. of spring chember at village borkona of 1nos) Completed
4 2105016554/FP/3841 (Const. of retaining wall at village Borkona of 30 m) Completed
5 2105016554/RC/28575 (Const of cc jeepable road at village borkona of 131m from PWD road to Hangpangree) Completed
6 2105016554/RC/31156 (Const. of interlocking pavers for cc foothpath at village borkona of 157.5 m from LP school to sprin) Completed
7 2105016554/RC/40052 (Construction of CC jeepable road at village Borkona of 61.20 m) Completed
8 2105016554/DP/16178 (Community Banana Plantation at village Borkona of 16 Bigha) On Going
9 2105016554/DP/21002 (Community Orange plantation of 8 bigha at Borkona village) On Going
10 2105016554/DP/21003 (Roadside plantation from Borkona village to Aidoba Bazar of 2KM) On Going
11 2105016554/FP/10624 (Const. of Retainingwall at village Borkona 20 m) On Going
12 2105016554/FR/3811 (Renovation of dug out pond at village Borkona for Rotna koch 1 no.) On Going
13 2105016554/FR/3812 (Renovation of dug out pond at villlage Borkona for Sanjib Koch 1 nos) On Going
14 2105016554/IC/3390 (Const of cc canal at village Borkona Bondisong gittim) On Going
15 2105016554/IC/3391 (Const of cc canal at Borkona Gandi gittim 100m) On Going
16 2105016554/RC/47137 (const.of cc jeepabable road at village Borkona ) On Going
17 2105016554/RC/53918 (Construction of CC Jeepable road at village Borkona to Kumarpara gittim) On Going
18 2105016554/WC/13246 (Const. of Countour trenches of 100 nos at village Borkona) On Going
19 2105016554/WC/16296 (Const of spring chamber at village Borkona near by Khatolbari) On Going
20 2105016554/WC/17116 (Construction of Spring Chamber at village Borkona near Gandi gittim) On Going

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