State : MEGHALAYAAs on 13-05-2021
Total No. of Districts11
Total No. of Blocks46
Total No. of GPs6,338
I Job Card 
Total No. of JobCards issued[In Lakhs]6.23
Total No. of Workers[In Lakhs]12.16
Total No. of Active Job Cards[In Lakhs]5.7
Total No. of Active Workers[In Lakhs]8.57
(i)SC worker against active workers[%]0.59
(ii)ST worker against active workers[%]91.7
II ProgressFY 2021-2022FY 2020-2021FY 2019-2020FY 2018-2019FY 2017-2018
Approved Labour Budget[In Lakhs]375393350350300
Persondays Generated so far[In Lakhs]2.54383.7370.22342.15291.88
% of Total LB0.6897.63105.7897.7697.29
% as per Proportionate LB 5.69    
SC persondays % as of total persondays0.660.510.550.540.55
ST persondays % as of total persondays89.5393.3892.5692.894.51
Women Persondays out of Total (%) 52.5351.3750.5150.1546.8
Average days of employment provided per Household 10.6271.5373.2371.9768.37
Average Wage rate per day per person(Rs.)225.58202.99186.94180.92174.95
Total No of HHs completed 100 Days of Wage Employment01,74,3691,80,5361,60,9081,14,987
Total Households Worked[In Lakhs]0.245.365.064.754.27
Total Individuals Worked[In Lakhs]0.277.527.156.85.91
Differently abled persons worked82207916831196605
III Works 
Number of GPs with NIL exp4,793160220357480
Total No. of Works Takenup (New+Spill Over)[In Lakhs]0.510.670.590.50.45
Number of Ongoing Works[In Lakhs]0.50.510.390.280.21
Number of Completed Works76515,87220,09322,58123,985
% of NRM Expenditure(Public + Individual)33.0938.4145.7424.0131.82
% of Category B Works37.2837.0343.3153.2152.04
% of Expenditure on Agriculture & Agriculture Allied Works31.4728.7539.5425.8343.1
IV Financial Progress 
Total center Release2582.39128196.11102664.1678613.7187060.44
Total Availability2582.39147192.88111854.7492201.99124898.17
Percentage Utilization135.5692.8898.299.0690.85
Total Exp(Rs. in Lakhs.)3,500.721,36,714.021,09,838.9491,334.171,13,469.37
Wages(Rs. In Lakhs)3,029.4577,735.2868,866.8162,449.1972,482.74
Material and skilled Wages(Rs. In Lakhs)165.7755,157.0337,248.125,397.1337,728
Total Adm Expenditure (Rs. in Lakhs.)305.53,821.713,724.043,487.853,258.63
Admin Exp(%)8.732.83.393.822.87
Average Cost Per Day Per Person(In Rs.)905.17333.9214.81215.84259.73
% of Total Expenditure through EFMS99.9910010010099.35
% payments gererated within 15 days98.8993.5686.7484.0142.65