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The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 20-Sep-2019 05:52:06 PM 

Working Group

28 Oct 10 Reports of Working Groups set up to stregthen implemetation of MGNREGA
08 Oct 10 Minutes of meeting : (GIS) Expert Group
01 Sep 10 Working Group on Tribal,30 apr.
25 Aug 10 Expert Group (GIS) meeting on 25thAug 10.
04 Aug 10 Expert Group on GIS.
30 Jul 10 Working Group:Tribals-Meeting on 30th apr 2010 at 10:30a.m in Unnati hall,
30 Jul 10 Krishi Bhavan.
30 Jul 10 Setting up of Sub Groups for the use of GIS under MGNREGA
22 Jul 10 Ministrys views on the recommendation of working groups
07 Nov 07 2nd meeting of Working Group setup on converging of MGNREGS with schemes of Ministry of Tribal affairs