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Feb,16 Report to the People 2015 English / Hindi)  
Feb,16 Saransh 3rd Issue English / Hindi)  
Sep,15 SameekshaEnglish / Hindi)  
Jan,14 Convergence Success Stories 2014(English / Hindi)  
Jan,14 Report to the People 2014 (English / Hindi)  
Jan,14 Sustainable Livelihoods through Convergence (English / Hindi)  
Jan,14 Report to the People (English/ Hindi)  
Sep,13 Video of The 8th Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Divas 2013.
17 Sep,13 Press Release on National Workshop on Convergence.    
29 May,13 Press Note on National IEC Strategy.    
Dec 12 International Workshop on Enhancing Efficiency in G to P Payments: A report.    
Sep,12 Video Docu on MGNREGA produced by the World Bank.
04 Sep,12 Move to ensure timely redressal of grievances under MGNREGA, procedure for stoppage of funds operationalised.