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The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 20-Sep-2019 05:42:51 PM 


16 Jan 14 Instructions on Ombudsman(as revised on 16.01.2014)
16 Jan 14 Clarification regarding defending the case in the Honble High Court on behalf of Ombudsmen appointed.
26 Nov 13 Revised instructions on ombudsman.
24 May 13 Draft Instructions (Revised) on Ombudsman for comments and suggestions.
31 Jan 13 Clarification on selection, orientation, consolidated pay TA/DA, vehicle facility, administrative support to end appeal against the orders of Ombudsman.
01 Nov 12 Nominees for the Selection of Members of the Ombudsman Selection Committee. .
12 Apr 12 Clarification- Instructions of Ombudsman.
02 Dec 11 Ombudsman for redressal of grievances in a time bound manner.
15 Mar 10 Clarrification on Ombudsman
15 Mar 10 Ombudsman selection Committee-Nominations
21 Dec 09 Ombudsman Order