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The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 01-Apr-2020 04:31:58 PM 

Funds and Finance

29 Mar 16 Sanction Order of Gujarat for the FY 2015-16.
29 Mar 16 Sanction Order of Himachal Pradesh for the FY 2015-16.
29 Mar 16 Sanction Order of Nagaland for the FY 2015-16.
29 Mar 16 Sanction Order of Uttarakhand for the FY 2015-16.
08 Jun 15 Liquidation of pending liability of FY 2014-15
22 Dec 14 Letter to states on optimization of fund use through e-FMS
17 Dec 14 Linking of MGNREGA releases from treasury with PFMS
25 Jul 14 Funds & Releases in NREGA website
26 May 14 Provisional Utilization Certificate for 2013-14 under MGNREGA regarding.
07 Apr 14 Letter seeking remarks on the proposed fund release system from 2014-15.
04 Mar 14 Relaxation of EFRS in March 2014.
04 Mar 14 2 days Training Programme for GP / Secretary of GP on fundamentals of accounting.
28 Jan 14 The National Employment Gurantee Fund Rules, 2006
16 Dec 13 Certain directions on release of funds to sub-State units.
27 Nov 13 Reforming fund flows-Expenditure-based Fund Release System (EFRS).
26 Nov 13 Status of Unspent Balances with the States/UTs.
26 Nov 13 Status of Unspent Balances with the States/UTs.
21 Jun 13 Workshop on fund flow mechanism 3rd apr 13.
09 May 13 Release of 1st instalment/balance of 1st Instalment of Central share under MGNREGA during FY 2013-14
28 Mar 13 Release of 1st instalment of Central share during FY 2013-14.
08 Mar 13 Release of 1st instalment of Central share during FY 2013-14.
08 Mar 13 Meeting of State officers to discuss fund flow mechanism during FY 2013-14.
08 Mar 13 Consideration of committed liability during the time of release of last instalment and reflection of such liability in UC.
04 Mar 13 Release of funds during the FY 2012-13.
24 Feb 13 EFRS - Extension to other States & UTs.
22 Jun 12 Empanelment of CAs/CA firms for audit of SEGF.
27 Apr 12 Financial Statement to be updated in NREGASoft.
30 Mar 12 Release of 1st tranche/ad hoc money during FY 2012-13.
10 Dec 11 Pre-requisites for release of 2nd Tranche of Central Share under MGNREGA during 2011-12.
05 Apr 11 Conditionalities for release of funds(FY:11-12).
10 Mar 11 Conditions for release of funds under MGNREGA for the year-2011-12.
10 Mar 11 Stopage of fund under section 27-Instructions.
02 Dec 10 Clarification on the Online submission of proposals for release of funds under MGNREGA.
15 Oct 10 On-line Submission of proposals for release of funds under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA.
13 Sep 10 Instructions for On-line submission of fund release proposals.
04 Jun 10 Conditionalaties for Financial Release and current status of expenditure reporting on MIS.
31 May 10 Prerequisites of online financial proposal
15 Feb 10 NREGA: Financial Rule - 2009
18 Aug 09 Minutes of the meeting of discuss the financial implications of opening up a set of parameter under NREGA, held on 7th August, 09
17 Jun 09 Expenditure on setting up of state NREGA cell
10 Apr 09 Delay in payment of wages to NREGA workers
13 Jan 09 Constitution of Task Force to review disbursement of wages through institutional accounts opened in Bank/Post Offices
10 Dec 08 Labour Budget FAQ
14 Nov 08 Minutes of National Conferance on Financial Inclusion(14-11-2008)
01 Sep 08 Clarification on maintenance of funds under NREGA
23 May 08 Model MoU for payment of wages through deptt. of posts
22 May 08 Payment of wages to NREGA wage earners through Post Offices/Banks
26 Mar 08 Special drive for opening of accounts of NREGA works in banks/post offices
01 Jan 08 Technical and financial proposal for CPA under NREGA
12 Dec 07 Release of funds under NREGA during 2007-08
27 Sep 07 Revision of minimum wages for agricultural labour and schedule of rates in the context of wages paid to NREGA workers-Chhattisgarh
14 Aug 07 Submision of audit report for the year 2006-07 with proposal for release of funds undre NREGA
03 Aug 07 Clarification on having joint account system at district and block level under NREGA
08 Jun 07 Non negotiable for release of centeral share of funds
09 Jan 07 Release of Centre Share under NREGA during 2006-07