Water Conservation under MGNREGA

Success Stories

Andhra Pradesh

210 Farm Ponds and Dugout Ponds were executed, 54 delisting of check Dams works taken up due to which Ground Water levels increased drastically. Even the 580 dried up bore wells got recharged and water level is not decreasing. The ponds not only provided life saving irrigation during the dry spell of kharif season giving them better yields and also helped ground water recharge.


About 450 acres of cultivated land is available in the Satkorakandi village. The major corps include cabbage, Tomato, Beans, Chilly and Potato etc. execution of this scheme under MGNREGA was initiated to ensure continuous and large volume of available water for meeting the need for the daily need and agriculture purpose.


Before renovation of pond water was available in monsoon season only. But after completion of work water is available throughout the year. 55 farmers having around 2 acre of land each, of surrounding area are taking advantage of irrigation and now they are able to take crop twice in the year.


Agriculture is now the main source of livelihood (previously it was wage labor and forest dependency) for Ara and Keram villagers. Water Harvesting Structures and Ponds (Specially Dobha) were constructed and used for agriculture and fisheries. Total 45 Dobha were constructed in the village out of which, 33 ponds are filled with adequate water during this rainy season and are being utilized for fish farming.


The project (Water Tank) has immensely and positively affected the lives of the villagers. The villagers have save valuable time of fetching water which is about 3.5 kms from the villages. The spare time is now efficiently and productively utilized in cultivation the traditional transplantation. Village ponds which were used for storing water before could not be used for drinking purposes.


Soon after completion of the field channel under MGNREGA, the tribals of the village has increase their livelihoods by cultivating variety of vagetables and crops like Rice, Paddy, Tomato, Potato, Brinjal, bean, Ladyfingers, cauliflower, Cabbage, Garlic, Ginger and different type of vegetables. The beneficiaries are cultivating triple time in their land during a year, this success can be possible only because of this field channel under MGNREGS and they are earning income now Read more than Rs.50,000/-per year.

Tamil Nadu

At present, there is no symptoms of contaminated and polluted waste water stagnation at the specified low lying area. The collected grey water was filtered and recharged into ground and also the existing ground water table raised comparing with the previous conditions.