Work Caterory:Water Conservation And Water Herversting
District : RI BHOI
Panchayat : Lumdaitkhla
S.No Work Name
(Work Code)
Water Body Name Location Water vol. in Executing Agency
Work Status
Work Type
Estimated cost As per Tech. Dtl(In Lakhs)
Financial Sanction Amount
Name Type Villages Khata No. Plot No. Present status End Status Labour Material
1 Const of spring Shed-Lumdaitkhla(2017-18) (2107004017/WC/6419)
Lumdaitkhla Reservoir Lumdaitkhla     1 Gram Panchayat Non-existent Mini Percolation tank Mini Percolation tank/New      
2 Const of Check dam-Lumdaitkhla (2017-18) (2107004017/WC/6420)
Lumdaitkhla Check Dam Lumdaitkhla     1 Gram Panchayat Non-existent Check Dam Check Dam/New      
Report Completed