Work Caterory:Rural Connectivity
District : RI BHOI
Panchayat : Ummat
S.No Work Name
(Work Code)
Road Name Location Executing Agency Work Type
Estimated cost As per Tech. Dtl(In Lakhs)
Financial Sanction Amount
From To
Villages Khata No. Plot No. Villages Khata No. Plot No. Labour Material
1 const of cc motorable road at ummat (2107004054/RC/22102)
cc road Ummat     Ummat     Gram Panchayat Cement Concrete/New      
2 Construction of Appraoch Road at Ummat Village i/c humepipe (2107004054/RC/61626)
surok khyndew Ummat     Ummat     Gram Panchayat Construction of Gravel Road Roads for Community/New      
Report Completed