Withdrawal Form-Small feature Big Impact

Payment of wages under MGNREGA through banks & post offices has revolutionized the process of wage payment in the country. The  transparency brought about it has  not only led to reduction in corruption but indirectly it has also led to tremendous financial & social  empowerment of people & more so of women.

                   But the payment through post offices has also led to some delays as the post offices were suddenly crowded with wage seekers in huge numbers. The post offices were not prepared for such high influx with their minimal staff & infrastructure. The labourers were subjected to delay in not only long queues but were also exploited by touts who fleeced them for providing the withdrawal forms & also filling it. The illiterate labourers were very often subjected to such monetary exploitation.

                    District Administration of Raipur in Chhattisgarh found it a very nasty practice & tried to take lot of steps to curtail it. A small effort with big impact in this direction was issuance of withdrawal form along with wageslip to the labourer by the block office itself.

                     The wage slip generated after the wage list acted as a voucher & was given to the labourers even earlier but now along with the wage slip the labourer was also given a pre-printed withdrawal form approved by the post office. The labourer was now able to get the withdrawal form in advance & could get it filled in the village itself.

                     The wage slip generated along with the withdrawal form also has the tollfree number -1077 of district citizen helpline printed on it. It also has printed on it the number of days the labourer had already worked & number of days pending.

                   Thus, this small slip (withdrawal form) not only helped curtailing delay in post offices to some extent but also prevented the labourers from exploitation & cheating by touts sitting outside post offices.