1.Total No. of Districts685
2.Total No. of Blocks6,865
3.Total No. of GPs2,62,714
I Job Card
4.Total No. of Job Cards issued[In Cr]12.59
5.Total No. of Workers[In Cr]25.14
6.Total No. of Active Job Cards[In Cr]7.13
7.Total No. of Active Workers[In Cr]11.07
8.(i)SC worker against active workers[%]20.21
9.(ii)ST worker against active workers[%]16.33
II ProgressFY 2017-2018FY 2016-2017FY 2015-2016FY 2014-2015FY 2013-2014
10.Approved Labour Budget[In Cr]225.28220.9274239.112220.67258.57
11.Persondays Generated so far[In Cr]163.02235.7588235.1465166.21220.37
12.% of Total LB72.37106.7198.3475.3285.23
13.% as per Proportionate LB 102.160000
14.SC persondays % as of total persondays22.1721.3222.2922.422.81
15.ST persondays % as of total persondays16.7417.617.816.9717.52
16.Women Persondays out of Total (%) 54.2456.1455.2654.8852.82
17.Average days of employment provided per Household 37.146.0148.8540.1745.97
18.Average Wage rate per day per person(Rs.)166.83161.66154.08143.92132.7
19.Total No of HHs completed 100 Days of Wage Employment10,24,69539,92,13348,47,97524,92,65446,59,347
20.Total Households Worked[In Cr]4.395.12414.81344.144.79
21.Total Individuals Worked[In Cr]6.387.67097.22616.227.39
22.Differently abled persons worked4,12,2044,71,3414,59,5974,13,3164,86,495
III Works
23.Number of GPs with NIL exp16,72219,47939,46939,53127,154
24.Total No. of Works Taken up (New+Spill Over)[In Lakhs]156.85167.07123.1297.6593.52
25.Number of Ongoing Works[In Lakhs]120.03102.5286.9468.2166.1
26.Number of Completed Works[In Lakhs]36.8264.5536.1829.4427.42
27.% of NRM Exp.(Public + Individual)59.0860.1758.7149.248
28.% of Category B Works55.4246.9733.821.417.6
29.% of Expenditure on Agriculture & Agriculture Allied Works70.6665.9462.8552.8148.7
IV Financial Progress
30.Total center release(In Cr.)45,838.7147,411.7235,974.6432,139.132,746.2675
31.Total Availability(In Cr.)53,179.3457,386.6743,380.7237,588.0342,103.8825
32.Total Exp[In Cr]46,374.8658,527.0444,002.5936,025.0438,552.62
33.Percentage Utilization87.2101.99101.4395.8491.56
34.Wages[In Cr]31,826.2940,789.1730,890.9624,187.2626,491.21
35.Material and skilled Wages[In Cr]12,918.4414,841.0510,748.289,421.119,693.72
36.Material(%) 28.8726.6825.8128.0326.79
37.Total Adm Expenditure[In Cr]1,630.132,896.822,363.362,416.672,367.68
38.Admin Exp(%)3.524.955.376.716.14
39.Liability (Wages) [In Cr]945.79711.36340.44473.37470.88
40.Average Cost Per Day Per Person(In Rs.)239.11224.89202.46206.13183.47
41.% Total Exp through eFMS96.3292.3991.1977.3537.17
42.% payments generated within 15 days 85.1343.6136.9226.8550.09
Performance since inception: Persondays Generated (In Cr.): 2461.27 Total expenditure(Rs.In Cr.): 429652.75
Today 7737954 workers are expected on 1116912 worksites (as per e-MustRoll) As on 17/12/2017