State : MANIPURAs on 21-09-2018
Total No. of Districts9
Total No. of Blocks47
Total No. of GPs3,152
I Job Card 
Total No. of JobCards issued[In Lakhs]5.54
Total No. of Workers[In Lakhs]10.18
Total No. of Active Job Cards[In Lakhs]5.29
Total No. of Active Workers[In Lakhs]5.83
(i)SC worker against active workers[%]2.96
(ii)ST worker against active workers[%]44.46
II ProgressFY 2018-2019FY 2017-2018FY 2016-2017FY 2015-2016FY 2014-2015
Approved Labour Budget[In Lakhs]160100207.72245.5639.93
Persondays Generated so far[In Lakhs]20.9961.25119.0375.33101.17
% of Total LB13.1261.2557.330.68253.36
% as per Proportionate LB 16.86    
SC persondays % as of total persondays33.12.9423.06
ST persondays % as of total persondays46.0343.9242.3357.5251.56
Women Persondays out of Total (%) 45.5644.8241.7437.2638.27
Average days of employment provided per Household 5.7912.4723.0815.921.58
Average Wage rate per day per person(Rs.)208.92203.99196.95189.96174.93
Total No of HHs completed 100 Days of Wage Employment013144
Total Households Worked[In Lakhs]3.634.915.164.744.69
Total Individuals Worked[In Lakhs]3.695.275.484.854.99
Differently abled persons worked92011541147875890
III Works 
Number of GPs with NIL exp721218140189200
Total No. of Works Takenup (New+Spill Over)[In Lakhs]
Number of Ongoing Works[In Lakhs]
Number of Completed Works9254,7919,7968,7794,684
% of NRM Expenditure(Public + Individual)77.9756.8666.6153.744.75
% of Category B Works27.9625.5215.777.180.56
% of Expenditure on Agriculture & Agriculture Allied Works49.3457.7468.9155.3944.91
IV Financial Progress 
Total center Release16504.6915778.8934370.4125532.2921997.13
Total Availability21733.5620483.3541001.729214.228799.23
Percentage Utilization34.1995.2390.1979.1492.75
Total Exp(Rs. in Lakhs.)7,431.3319,507.2336,979.3123,120.7226,712.56
Wages(Rs. In Lakhs)4,789.9511,457.723,328.2314,425.3317,411.39
Material and skilled Wages(Rs. In Lakhs)2,310.97,064.4111,912.537,140.57,693.38
Total Adm Expenditure (Rs. in Lakhs.)330.48985.111,738.551,554.91,607.79
Admin Exp(%)4.455.054.76.736.02
Average Cost Per Day Per Person(In Rs.)336.68335.55311.82305.39266.89
% of Total Expenditure through EFMS59.528.68000
% payments gererated within 15 days77.678.886.9483.1488.49