State : ARUNACHAL PRADESHAs on 23-09-2018
Total No. of Districts20
Total No. of Blocks114
Total No. of GPs1,827
I Job Card 
Total No. of JobCards issued[In Lakhs]2.23
Total No. of Workers[In Lakhs]4.58
Total No. of Active Job Cards[In Lakhs]2.02
Total No. of Active Workers[In Lakhs]2.36
(i)SC worker against active workers[%]0.07
(ii)ST worker against active workers[%]88.06
II ProgressFY 2018-2019FY 2017-2018FY 2016-2017FY 2015-2016FY 2014-2015
Approved Labour Budget[In Lakhs]100505056.290
Persondays Generated so far[In Lakhs]14.442.885.3550.4519.38
% of Total LB14.485.61170.6989.630
% as per Proportionate LB 21.63    
SC persondays % as of total persondays0.
ST persondays % as of total persondays90.7188.3289.491.3790.07
Women Persondays out of Total (%) 38.4536.2834.131.6430.17
Average days of employment provided per Household 24.1330.242.0827.8414.15
Average Wage rate per day per person(Rs.)177176.95171.97167.14153.23
Total No of HHs completed 100 Days of Wage Employment02461,92341
Total Households Worked[In Lakhs]0.61.422.031.811.37
Total Individuals Worked[In Lakhs]0.631.482.221.881.41
Differently abled persons worked3944750910669
III Works 
Number of GPs with NIL exp1,10319887405571
Total No. of Works Takenup (New+Spill Over)[In Lakhs]
Number of Ongoing Works[In Lakhs]
Number of Completed Works892,1115,3242,335972
% of NRM Expenditure(Public + Individual)55.345.5643.0744.3433.64
% of Category B Works6.686.5417.172.331.1
% of Expenditure on Agriculture & Agriculture Allied Works31.246.9944.946.2234.96
IV Financial Progress 
Total center Release8862.7920679.6513091.064003.962704.16
Total Availability11216.8828455.5716264.4810034.626768.28
Percentage Utilization35.3579.2793.166.0151.85
Total Exp(Rs. in Lakhs.)3,965.222,556.4415,142.476,623.523,509.44
Wages(Rs. In Lakhs)2,128.913,540.369,210.033,941.441,953.97
Material and skilled Wages(Rs. In Lakhs)1,667.938,205.335,200.362,242.271,124.74
Total Adm Expenditure (Rs. in Lakhs.)168.37810.74732.08439.81430.72
Admin Exp(%)4.253.594.836.6412.27
Average Cost Per Day Per Person(In Rs.)277.13280.66221.36215.34243.46
% of Total Expenditure through EFMS38.497.79000
% payments gererated within 15 days30.